Americas Solidarity Group


Who We Are

The Americas Solidarity Group has been an active working group of LEPOCO since the 1980s. It monitors the struggles, throughout the Americas, of people and indigenous communities who are trying to uphold their own sovereignty, to live in peace, and to provide for their own wellbeing while honoring Mother Earth. Also, the group works to alert people in the Lehigh Valley to these struggles and to engage and involve local people in support of those fighting for a just and sane world.

What We Do

The ASG holds educational programs, sends out action alerts, meets with local legislators, and carries out actions to bring public attention to bear on matters of foreign policy concern in the Americas, including in indigenous territories. We support solidarity delegations and projects for peace in Latin America. ASG is presently developing “LEPOCO Presentations on Latin America,” a Transitions U series that connects personal visits and projects in particular countries in order to build a more coherent understanding of goings-on in the Americas.

When We Meet

Meetings are generally held on first Fridays of the month 11 am at the LEPOCO Peace Center. The next meeting will be listed on the LEPOCO Events Calendar and in the weekly emails. For more information, please use the contact form below or call 610-691-8730.

Learn More

Email  Make sure you mention in the subject line that you’d like information about the Americas Solidarity Group!