Celebrating 50 Years of LEPOCO

img_7294LEPOCO is celebrating its 50th year of working for Peace and Justice in the Lehigh Valley!

That’s good and bad news. The bad news is that after 50 years of advocating for peace, we’re still needed. The good news is that after 50 years of advocating for peace we still have the energy to continue our work for peace and justice.

This year’s annual dinner was a testament to the years of work LEPOCO has been engaged in for peace. Ann Wright, former US Army Colonel, joined the dinner to speak on peace conversion. In addition to the annual dinner, a 50th Anniversary Peace Poster Contest was held, where local teens participated in a poster contest to address the themes: “War Is Not the Answer,” Peace Takes Courage Too,” and “The Lehigh Valley Is No Place For Hate.” The posters have been on display at various businesses, schools, and galleries throughout the year. Be on the look out for where they’ll be next.